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Our Guarantees

Consulting, NOT Selling
Within a year of its inception, NetSmart, Inc. left the business of selling PC’s and focused on consulting. Today we maintain that position, making recommendations for PC’s and Servers, but never selling them. By being neutral financially to recommendations for hardware, you always know that you are receiving the best consulting advice available.

We often act as a middle man to negotiate prices for hardware and services. We know where the margins are, so we know where they can be tightened. Many of our clients find that we can get suppliers in a bidding war for hardware and services.

If you have ever had someone “recommend” a solution, only to find out later that it didn’t do what was promised, then you’ll appreciate our approach. We have worked behind other suppliers who sold hardware to get maximum margins. Often, the hardware was on the slower end of the latest technology, but was not priced that way. We know that “rebates” to vendors on older models work similarly to “car rebates” at the end of the model year. The new models are coming off the trucks with the same sticker price as the old. Without deeply discounting the year-old inventory, no one would buy it. Most of the time, the discount is NOT passed on to the client. We make sure our clients get the rock bottom price on “last month’s model” so they can compare the price/performance ratio with this month’s releases.

A Familiar Face, NOT a New Guy Each Time
The relationship between the client and NetSmart, Inc. must be a three-way relationship, benefiting the client, NetSmart, Inc., and the technician. To achieve this WIN-WIN-WIN relationship, the client’s needs MUST be placed first.

Today, the technicians’ relationships with their clients are MORE important than their relationship with NetSmart, Inc. In order for us to be successful, the technician must be successful in dealing with all your wishes. You will work with ONE primary technician. There is also a backup technician assigned to you, cross-trained NOT at your expense. The phone number listed on each technician’s business card is a cell phone number, which also has paging and voicemail. By not going through a dispatcher, you get better service and quicker solutions to pressing problems.

Custom Solutions, NOT Canned Proposals
Every client is different. There is no “one size fits all” solution. The “Smart” in NetSmart is not meant to imply that the company is “Smarter” than the next, but that NetSmart, Inc. proposes “Smart Solutions” for clients. Solutions that take into account all aspects of your requirements. This can mean implementation in stages that allow for course corrections as you grow. No expensive solutions that never get fully utilized before they are outdated.

We steer clear of “bleeding edge” solutions, those that are so new, they have not been thoroughly tested. We work toward properly matching new technologies with your needs so as to best accomplish your overall business goals. We ask LOTS of questions. We want a thorough understanding of the your needs and goals BEFORE we recommend the final solution.

Premise Wiring with NO Hassle
NetSmart also provides quality wiring. We have been wiring new construction, up-fits and added runs for clients since the early days of Ethernet. A recent inspector in Cary said, “That is the neatest wiring job I have ever seen!” We don’t charge extra for after hours or weekend wiring. Sometimes it is just better for you for us to be there outside of business hours. We terminate and test FIBER. We provide warranties on wiring jobs. Contact Aaron @ or use the request form.

Detailed Billing, NOT Ball & Chain Contracts
No more long-term contracts. No “hours to use up”. No worries about “expiring” prepaid plans. No onsite minimums. Just plain, detailed billing that outlines the work performed, the date and the amount of time. "Productive Time" is what you're billed for!

Why do vendors get signed contracts with lump sum hours? Other vendors use it as a way to get the salesman a commission on service work. It “locked” the client into a term or a number of hours. Sometimes the “hours expire”! Now what is that all about? If you don’t use it, you lose it! What a gimmick!

If you aren’t happy with a vendor, does being locked in make you happier? No, but it does perhaps give you some time to cool off before the renewal comes around. You might be ready to dump a vendor because of lousy service, but you can’t. (There’s no “recall provision”, or it’s too difficult to exercise.)

Have you ever had a phone carrier or data provider cozy up and try to fix the problems that have been dogging you for months JUST AS the contract is about up for renewal? Without contracts, we are under constant pressure and scrutiny to perform. That keeps us constantly working to make you happy.